This week the Anglican Church of Canada publicized its Vision 2019 strategic plan. It is a comprehensive document that defines specific goal areas and how we can work together to attain them. It is a challenging and exciting corollary to our own Plan 2018. I hope every parish can embrace both strategic plans as our diocese moves forward as an instrument of God’s mission in the world.

Our own Dean Peter Elliott has played a key role in the development of Vision 2019. As we come together in our annual Synod meeting in May we will have an opportunity to consider both plans — their commonalities, and how we can best implement them in speaking and acting out the Gospel in a rapidly changing social and cultural context.

Here is the context for defining “Mission” as set out in the Vision 2019 documents. I’m interested in your responses. Please share your insights, hopes and dreams with other readers of nwanglican blog.



Goes Out From God

TO LIVE IN the place to which God has sent us, and there to work and pray for the common good, is a stance we learn from the Exile. It is a stance offered to a people dispossessed of the familiar advantages of yesterday. It is in many ways a gritty and pragmatic stance, laying aside the fantasy that God will send us yesterday or tomorrow, instead of today, if we complain enough — or click our ruby slippers. To take the stance of living, working, and praying “as if” – as if God were alive and working in the same place and under the same conditions that we endure, and as if God would respond to our prayers with the grace and grit we need to live in, work in, and pray for the world he creates, loves, and redeems – to take such a stance is to have faith. It is to trust the witness of our ancestors in scripture that God is actively engaged in mission in and for the world, and blesses those who join in that mission with the gifts we need to sustain our service.

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