Introducing Craig Spence’s Stained Glass Writing Project

B.C. writer Craig Spence is in the midst of a writing project which is of great interest to B.C. Anglicans. He is creating a work titled Stained Glass, a story based on memoirs as told by three characters involved in 1870s Barkerville and the well-known St. Saviours Church in that roaring gold rush town.

Spence describes Stained Glass as a “story about faith, love and redemption as told by three characters”.

These characters are

  • Christopher Dryden, an Anglican priest who arrives in the instant gold rush city of Barkerville in 1872;
  • Anna Armstrong, a prostitute working in Barkerville’s most ‘glamorous’ brothel;
  • Kyle Welland, a jaded journalist and the great-great-grandson of Christopher and Anna, who has been charged with completing their unwritten memoir, based on a collection of papers handed to him in an antique tobacco tin.

Craig is inviting readers to join in an act of literary creation by helping to shape the characters of Christopher, Anna and Kyle. He is inviting participants to critique the prototypes he’ll be posting in the Stained Glass reading group.

Here is your opportunity to be a literary co-creator!

Craig points out that the work will be “deeply respectful of the Anglican faith and of those who work in the sex trade.” He’s not interested in creating caricatures, but flesh and blood protagonists. His aim in establishing a reading group is to create both “respect and truth” in his portrayals.

I’d like to invite nwanglicanblog readers to take a look at Craig and his work by visiting his website, If you want to join the group, send an email to and he’ll add you to the list.

Here’s to supporting an interesting project! I’m hoping Craig creates an effective reading group.

Deacon Steve

Rev. Steve Bailey is a deacon at St. Laurence, Coquitlam and an administrator of nwanglicanblog.

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