Anglican Provincial Ministry Committee Meets in Context of Proposed Restructuring of Province of BC and Yukon

The Task Force on the restructuring of the Anglican Ecclesiastical Province of BC and Yukon is well into its work. Archdeacon John Bailey of our diocese is a member of this group. Recently the diocesan council in each of the constituencies of the Province of BC and Yukon has been asked to provide thoughts to the task force. To see the context of this discussion, have a look at the video featuring Archbishop John Privett and produced by Randy Murray. In this thirteen minute presentation, Archbishop John outlines a realistic vision for restructuring the important work of the Anglican church in British Columbia and Yukon. The video can be found at or through a link on our diocesan website to Diocesan Council.

The Province’s Standing Committee on Ministry’s agenda for its October 22 and 23 meeting at St. Catherine’s in North Vancouver will centre in the work proposed by Archbishop John and the task force.

At the request of Provincial Council at its October 2010 meeting, the Standing Committee on Ministry undertook and completed the production of two resources:

The Next Phase: Transitions to Retirement – A Clergy Resource, and

Parishes in Transition: A Process Guide

These resources are now available to our constituency and have been forwarded to Faith Worship and Ministry of the national church for general use. The Diocese of Edmonton has requested and been granted permission to use Transitions to Retirement in an upcoming workshop.

The Ministry Committee agenda for the October 2011 meeting is reflective of the emerging agenda for the Province of BC and Yukon. In that context, Phil Colvin, youth minister and diocesan youth coordinator for the Diocese of New Westminster will be our ministry guest. Phil will engage us in intentional discussion about the ministries  where our province does effectively work together in the existing context – such as youth ministry. Phil will give an overview about what’s been happening provincially in Anglican youth ministry, and create diocesan and national contexts, commenting on how these things are fitting into a vision and set of practices which is shared right up to the national level in the Vision 2019 document. Committee members are looking forward to a profitable time of discussion, questions, reflections and visioning.

As part of this context, diocesan representatives on the Committee have been asked to come to the meeting with a brief report on youth, adult and family camping ministries as they exist in our Province of BC and Yukon. Discussion will include questions like what Christian camping facilities does your diocese support? How is active engagement by parishioners encouraged? How does your diocese financially support camping ministries? How many campers went to what kind of camps this past summer? Is there follow-up for youth campers who have little connection to the local church?

Committee members will also view and listen to DVDs and audio CDs of the proceedings of this Spring’s Vital Church Planting Conference sponsored by the national church.

“These focus points for our time together as a provincial ministry committee should support us in making some practical and focussed recommendations to Provincial Council”, commented one of the committee members.

Indeed, if we follow through on what we know about emerging social trends and trends in mission and ministry taking shape in the Anglican Church of Canada, we’ll be in a good position for the Holy Spirit to continue to use us as communicators of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

More after October’s meeting.

Rev. Steve Bailey is a deacon at St. Laurence, Coquitlam, Chair of the Standing Committee of Ministry for BC and Yukon and a blogmaster for nwanglicanblog. Your comments and reactions are always welcome. If you wish to contribute an article to the blog, please forward it to Steve at

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