What is “GenZ” and why does it matter?

I’m a watcher of Context, the Christian current affairs program that comes out of the CBC studios in Toronto. Lorna Dueck and her co-host Sheldon Neil do a great job of examining current affairs from a faith perspective.

One of the most recent programs, hosted by Sheldon Neil, involved a discussion of what has become known as GenZ – the present 5-20 year olds who are growing up in our current technological social media environment. The program is well worth a look and can be found at http://www.contextwithlornadueck.com.

Have a look for yourself. I’m hoping to have a focussed discussion with the St. Laurence junior and senior youth groups called “GenZ Jam” based on a group viewing of the program. We’ll focus on conceptions and misconceptions about youth today, youth and faith, and youth and social involvement.

I’m excited by the prospects.

Steve Bailey is a deacon at St. Laurence, Coquitlam and a blogmaster at NW Anglican Blog. Your comments and articles are always welcome. Join the conversation.

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